I hope you don't mind Buffy questions! Something I can't figure out: I know that Tara died because Warren accidentally shot her, but why does everyone call it a 'magic' bullet?


No, I never mind Buffy questions! I enjoy that they pop up from time to time without apparent provocation.

It’s called a “magic” bullet because there’s literally no way Tara could have been shot the way she was shot. When Warren starts firing, he’s flailing around everywhere behind him as he runs. Tara’s not even the target, Buffy is (though frankly NO ONE is the target, because like I said, he’s running away and just firing blind behind him and hoping to hit her).

While all of this is happening, Willow and Tara are talking in their room (previously Joyce’s room). Their room — absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt, confirmed repeatedly over the course of six seasons — is on the second floor.

Warren is outside, in the yard, level with the FIRST floor.

Yet when Tara is shot on the SECOND floor, the bullet makes a completely straight entry through the window and through her chest. No angles, no deviations, no nothing.

The only way that would be possible is if someone were outside the window and fired directly at her. Someone was not outside the window firing directly at her. Someone was an entire storey below shooting blindly.

It’s actually physically impossible for Tara to have been killed by Warren’s bullet as we see it happen. Which kind of makes the whole IDEA of it being something real and natural utterly ludicrous. And this doesn’t even touch on the fact that despite standing directly in front of Tara, who has been shot clean through, Willow is utterly unharmed. Where did the impossibly fired and impossibly accurate and now impossibly not-present bullet even fucking GO?


I just rewatched it and when Warren turns around, he points the gun diagonally higher. So it might not be too fartectched.

EDIT: On the next episode and say she was killed by a human in human ways.

Just got to Buffy Season 5 and am losing interest despite it used to be my favourite. It just feels so melodramatic, where as previous seasons had a better balance. On the otherhand, I enjoyed Season 4 a lot, I think it is the funniest season. What do you think of S4?


I must admit to a bit of “whaaaa” on the Season 5 front, though I do have to concede that the Riley stuff really was laid on a bit too thick and horrible for my tastes. There are definitely a few episodes in the middle that needed to be culled, but that aside, as a whole, I think it does an exceptional job and I can’t say I see it as melodramatic, just dramatic.

(That said it’s also been several years since my last rewatch.)

Season 4 I think has some of the best singular episodes, but as a season I find it very difficult to sit through. The entire theme (the emotional theme, anyway) of the season is in growing apart, and I straight up don’t like fractured Scoobies. (That’s part of why I love S5 so much Give me the “family” theme, please and thank you.) I don’t enjoy seeing them drift their separate ways, I don’t like seeing Giles floundering to find a purpose, I don’t enjoy Xander trying to keep up and failing. I didn’t care especially for The Initiative, and knowing where Riley ends up, it’s tough to enjoy him, and he becomes about 92% of everything Buffy does in S4.

On the other hand, there’s Willow and Tara, SOOO.

(And Anya, of course!)

The pay-off at the end is fantastic. My LIFE for Buffy and Willow and zip line elevator hugs. Anybody who doesn’t love the badassery that is the Super Buffy is someone I don’t want to know. Hush? RESTLESS?? Season 4 definitely has a lot going for it.

But those are individual episodes, or exceptional moments. As a seasonal whole, I find it one of the weakest. It’s saved from being my least favourite by the misery that is S6 and the abomination that is S7, but it would be down there otherwise.

When I revisit it, though, I could find my views have changed too!

S5 just seems so depressing (Buffy loses her mum, Buffy loses her boyfriend, Dawn is sad about being “fake” etc.). Willow feels out of character here, such as her blunt behavior to Anya in that Troll episode. Everything feels like it is Buffy’s family + Spike (and believe me I remember Season 7 ESPECIALLY being like this). The other characters just feel like they are there, but I do love Anya in this season. Sorry to vent so much, but I LOVED this season when I first watched. So to rewatch and not like it, it HURTS.



Sailor Moon Trivia:

The official name for the combination of Moon Tiara Action, Fire Soul and Sabão Spray seen used again Castor and Pollux in episode 21 of the anime, according to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Definitive Edition is…


The attack also returns in the video game “Sailor Moon: Another Story”


super adorable Puerh UFO catcher from a Dragon Ball set :x


super adorable Puerh UFO catcher from a Dragon Ball set :x


An accurate representation of someone is wrong on the Internet and knowing you shouldn’t go there.


An accurate representation of someone is wrong on the Internet and knowing you shouldn’t go there.

Now that YamSagi (Yamcha/Usagi) is our head canon, we need an image of Yamcha in Tuxedo Mask's outfit


Sorry godfatherpride I was out of the pc the whole day! 

hahaha, Sorry, I tried. 

Long hair Yamcha is my favorite. 

Thanks, that is awesome!